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Welcome to the Diaries section. This is the largest collection of owner-submitted Correct Craft and Nautique stories and pictures found online. Search the Diaries postings by any of the criteria listed below and enjoy - you'll find boats with interesting stories spanning the decades. This section includes all posted boats (Diaries, For Sale and Sold) so that you have a full and useful boat reference. If you are looking specifically to buy a boat, please visit the For Sale listings. Want to add your boat, upload your Correct Craft photos and story to the Diaries.

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Model: 1970 Swinger
Location: allentown, PA
Engine: 225 Chrysler Slant 6
Hours: 0
Updated: 3/11/2018
Model: 2001 Air Nautique
Location: Corona, CA
Engine: Ford PCM 5.8
Hours: 0
Updated: 3/5/2018
Model: 1978 San Juan
Location: Glendale, AZ
Engine: OMC 350
Price: $5,800
Hours: 65
Updated: 3/5/2018
Model: 1983 Ski Nautique
Location: Kernersville, NC
Engine: 351
Price: $8,500
Hours: 475
Updated: 3/4/2018
Model: 1980 Ski Nautique
Location: Alexandria Bay, NY
Engine: 351 PCM
Hours: 0
Updated: 3/3/2018
Model: 1974 Ski Nautique
Location: Orlando, FL
Engine: Ford PCM 351
Hours: 950
Updated: 3/3/2018
Model: 1983 Ski Nautique 2001
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Engine: Ford PCM 351
Price: $12,000
Hours: 1051
Updated: 3/1/2018
Model: 1984 Ski Nautique 2001
Location: Aiken, SC
Engine: Ford PCM 351
Price: $8,200 OBO
Hours: 1866
Updated: 2/27/2018
5014 boats found. Page 2 of 627 sorted by Date Updated
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